Great Sign & Graphic Products in Downingham, PA
Great Sign & Graphic Products in Downingham, PA

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Facts About The Importance of Color


  • Studies show that the color(s) associated with a product or service influences up to 80% of consumer purchasing decisions.


  • A look at the top 100 U.S. based brands shows the following use of colors in the visual representation of their brand.
    • 33% Blue
    • 29% Red
    • 28% Black/Gray
    • 13% Yellow


  • Color by industry
    • Blue – Airline, Energy, Ag
    • Red – Automotive, Food, Technology
    • Black – Clothing, Automotive, Technology
    • Yellow – Energy, Food, Housing


  • Color sends a message
    • Blue – Dependable, secure
    • Red – Aggressive, attention-getting
    • Black – Prestige, value
    • Yellow – Creativity, motivation


The decision about how your brand is displayed should include careful consideration of how color plays a role in the message that you’re sending.

Signage and Marketing Working Hand in Hand to Produce Powerful Results


You may not be a giant online or brick and mortar business with a huge marketing budget but by keeping as few basic ideas in mind you can assure that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck possible.


1. Keep your website updated and keep a close eye on it. Know who is visiting your site and how often and find ways to engage them online. Be sure your website name is easy to remember and incorporate it into your storefront, whether as a window graphic or as part of your signage. Keep in mind that often your website will be the first (and sometimes only) impression you make on a prospective new customer.

2.Keep your signage and everything associate with the visual representation of your business fresh! SBA studies show that freshening sign graphics increases foot traffic and gets you noticed. Our minds become accustom to seeing the same thing day after day and actually start to ignore it. This is one of the reasons that Electronic Message Signage is growing in use because it delivers a dynamic, not static message. And remember to look at your business from your customers perspective, not just yours.

3.Coordinate your messaging and be sure you’re cross-promoting consistently from e-mail marketing to website to your storefront, and social media. It’s long been known that we have to tell them what we’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what we’ve told them. Buyers respond to repeat messaging.

4.Spend serious time trying to understand how and why your customers make buying decisions and be sure to fashion your message around that purchasing criteria.

Benefits of Choosing a Local Sign Business



People sometimes turn to the internet to save a few dollars, but which option truly costs more? Rather than solely focusing on the overall cost of the project consider this:

When you submit to an online printer your file must be perfect. There’s likely no one will check for errors or make sure the file is formatted properly. Your sign graphic will be printed exactly as submitted, and if there’s a problem you could end up paying for a useless or less than top qulity sign.

A local sign business, such as Faro Designs, on the other hand will work with you to make sure everything is just right before printing the final product. Size, color, font, logo, installation are all part of the pre-production planning process. This means you’re much less likely to end up with a problem.



Most online print companies don’t have in-house experts with years of print and sign making experience.  They may know how to use the equipment but they often lack the knowledge to make sure you get a perfect product that will provide many years of useful benefit. And what about the on-site survey to make sure everything fits just right?


Customer Service

Even the best online customer service doesn’t compare to what you can expect from Faro Designs. We work in your community everyday helping businesses and organizations achieve better results through the use of effective, eye catching signage and other brand support materials such as branded clothing, logo design, and vehicle graphics.



Faro Designs is accustomed to working with tight deadlines and delivering a great sign product on budget and on time. This is what our customers expect from us and this is what we strive for on each and every project.

Vehicle Graphics & Lettering


When considering the overall effectiveness and cost per view of any advertising media Vehicle Graphics and Lettering provides a very attractive ROI. While the traditional approach of including the business name (often in the form of a logo), phone, and possibly a tag line still pays big dividends, our ability today to provide full and partial wraps has changed all of the rules.

The key to appreciating the benefit of vehicle graphics is to see them as a moving billboard drawing attention to your business with every vehicle that they pass along their way. And the fact that they are moving and others only have a second or two to see them makes the job of delivering a great message in a short period of time very important. Graphics and lettering should be crisp and clean with colors that pop against the vehicle surface so that they can be viewed easily.

While vehicle wraps deserve an entire article for themselves, suffice it to say that they allow for a sense of excitement and interest that can make it hard not to look. An awesome design using very high quality photos, attention getting colors, and easy to read font styles has allowed companies to deliver their message with more impact and interest than ever before. Based on our experience this is an advertising media that will continue to grow and become a much larger advertising factor in the future.


Communicating Promotional Information

Whether it’s part of an email campaign, direct mail, or other means of communicating promotional information about your business there are three primary elements that need to be approached correctly in order to realize the maximum benefit from your communication.


1. The Headline
The message and meaning of your promotional communication comes across most obviously in your headline. It can be as simple as the word “Sale” or the name of a product or service that you provide. And while it’s best to not be too generic, it’s also important to not be so clever that your key message is at risk of being lost.
Your headline should quickly tell the viewer one or all of the following:  what problem you’re solving, what you’re offering and who you are. Here are a few headline strategies to consider:  intrigue the viewer, inspire the viewer, comfort the viewer, scare the viewer, and humor the viewer. Whichever you choose be sure your headline and main support visual work together.


2. The Copy
Whether one sentence or a full paragraph, the body copy should deliver the voice and tone of business. In order to develop great copy you should:

  • Know your audience and adapt the copy accordingly.
  • Communicate benefits, not just the features.
  • Deliver the message naturally and avoid marketing lingo.
  • Write in an active voice.
  • Get to the point quickly.
  • Deliver a clear takeaway and a call to action.

3. The Look
An attractive overall design helps the viewer make sense of the information.

  • Every image that you use (and be sure to use a great image) should be relevant to your message.
  • Blocks of color, different font styles and other visual tools help organize information.
  • Headlines and copy are part of the overall look of your promotional communication and need design attention.


Your goal is to motivate your viewer. Keeping these ideas in mind will help you achieve the best results.


Research Confirms the Power of Exterior Signs

In our increasingly mobile and digital world it may be easy to dismiss exterior business signs as an increasingly ineffective advertising tool, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Recent research indicates that exterior business signage continues to play a major role in a customer or potential customer’s decision to deal with a particular business.

Consider these four key statistics pulled from a survey sponsored by FedEx (Standout signs contribute to sales) and The OSA blog by Lyman Perrine.


  •  76% of those surveyed said that at some point they had entered a business they had not entered previously based solely on their sign. Talk about the importance of making a good first impression.
  • 68% of consumers indicated that the business sign reflects the quality of products or services they provide. Who has the tag line…Quality in everything that we do?
  • 60% of survey respondents said that a sign in poor repair or missing altogether would keep them from entering a business.
  • 50% of consumers surveyed said that they have driven by their intended business only to make a purchase elsewhere because of insufficient signage.


Your exterior sign is often your first touch point with a customer, which is why it’s essential to create a clear and attractive sign that draws the customer in and reflects the experience they will receive once inside.

Making a Great Sign For Your Small Business

A well-crafted business sign is critical to making a great first impression on potential customers and building powerful brand awareness within your market. Whether it’s a sign on the front of your building, dimensional letters on the wall in your reception area, or eye catching graphics on your business vehicles, people are either drawn in or pushed away with your signage.


Studies show that the most effective signs both inform and attract attention. They offer prospects a sense of expertise about your products and services and more times than you realize they help passersby decide if the business is professional and worth their time and money.


Several quick tips…

  • Easy to read, clean, well-lit, and properly maintained
  • Placement
  • What’s important to your customers…Name & logo, phone, website, etc
  • Consider your sign as part of your Call To Action plan. Does your sign encourage people to act?


Design Elements…


  • Bold colors are generally most visually appealing
  • Readability is king and the fewer words used the better. Condense what you want to convey to the fewest words possible.
  • Combination of upper and lower case letters works best.
  • A carefully selected graphic can add interest to your sign and make it much more memorable.


Your sign is a critical component to the success of your business. Give its design serious attention and work with a professional firm that listens to what you have to say about your business and demonstrates the ability to bring your ideas to life in the form of a great sign that contributes to your success for years to come.

Carved Signs 

While there are many options for those looking for an exterior sign, carved signs stand alone as the design of choice in many applications where quality and class are the top priorities. For many years a sign maker using a hammer and chisel would carve the signs letters and symbols into the face of a wood panel then hand paint the sign using artist paints and brushes. And while some of this kind of work continues to this day, for the most part today’s carved signs, while continuing to display their beauty and sense of dignity, employ the use of computer assisted CNC routing equipment and modern painting systems using automotive quality finishes. Another significant change is the use of manmade materials for sign panels that aren’t subject to the warping and splintering commonly found in wood signs. The sign damage caused by birds, bees, and ants are also a thing of the past with today’s PVC and HDU carved signs.


One of the features that are often used to enhance the appearance of carved signs is the use of gold or silver leaf. Typically this precious metal is applied to the sign lettering and border to create a striking contrast with the painted sign face. This leafing is affixed to the carved surfaces using a special adhesive and will provide many years of eye catching beauty.


While there are times when carved signs are used for interior sign applications, they are most often found as an exterior sign suspended between two posts or mounted directly to a building. When long term beauty is the order of the day think carved sign. This design has stood the test of time and continues to lead the way.

Channel Letters


For many years channel letters have been a very attractive option for those looking for an eye catching exterior sign. And while Channel letters are found in a wide variety of applications they’re frequently the sign of choice for those in the retail environment. In fact it’s common to see owners of retail centers specifying Channel Letters as the only allowable type of signage.


Channel Letters are popular for a number of reasons including that they can be formed to match the custom letter style or logo of a business,  symbols or images can easily be incorporated into the sign, they can be produced using an almost endless variety of colors, and they make good economic sense for many businesses.


The primary reason that channel letters are an affordable option as an illuminated exterior sign is their simplicity of design. These signs consist of a translucent face made of acrylic, a formed aluminum side and back (referred to as the Can), and long lasting low voltage LED illumination. Channel Letter signs are often mounted directly to the building exterior or they may be mounted to an aluminum box called a raceway which is attached to the building. The raceway contains wiring and power supplies which must be installed behind the exterior wall if the raceway isn’t used.


Regardless of how the sign is configured an internally illuminated exterior channel letter sign offers a high level of customization, energy saving LED illumination, and relative ease of installation which may make it the perfect choice for those considering their exterior sign options.


LED Signs (also known as EMC -  Electronic Message Center Signs)


For many years the carved, printed, or painted exterior sign was essentially the best that a business or organization could do in terms of displaying their name and other information about their enterprise. This type of signage is referred to as static signage in that the image or message never changes. But what business do you know that is static? Things are always changing and a way had to be determined to add current information regarding promotions and special events and to just attract more attention to the sign. The human mind is tricky in that it quickly becomes comfortable with its surroundings and tends not to see things (signs) that are static.


The initial approach in addressing this challenge was to install manually changed message boards along with the standard sign. Basically this consists of plastic printed letters and numbers that slide on a track typically under the main sign. This is a simple and easy to manage addition that can be used to add changeable information and is certainly a step in the right direction. Many businesses and organizations continue to use this approach after many years. While it serves a purpose the fact is it’s not very interesting or fun to look at.


About 30 years ago LED technology started to make an appearance in the commercial sign industry and there’s been no turning back. Today a person can sit in the comfort of their home and with the aid of their laptop change the display on their LED sign. Today’s signs are available in monochrome and full color and are capable of displaying millions of stocked or downloaded images as well as text and graphics. Frequently a display of time and date are added to provide this information to those passing by. LED signs are commonly found at retailers, schools, churches, hotels, and restaurants. An industry study reports that the cost per 100 impressions of various advertising media shows the cost using an LED sign to be very low. The published numbers are Radio $2.00, Newspaper $4.00, and LED signs $.06.


There’s a lot that goes into selecting an LED sign but your sign professional can make the process an easy one and make sure that you get the sign that fits your unique needs. Faro Designs represents an industry leader and would be happy to help you to determine if this is the right direction for you.



What is the Difference between sign Legibility and Readability?


What is a simple way to increase the probability that a sign will be effective?


Here is one easy way: make sure your sign ranks high on the legibility scale. Not the readability scale, the legibility scale. The two have differences.


Here are quick definitions: legibility is the degree to which a typeface makes it possible for a person to read something without much effort. The typeface does not require a mental “translation” – it is quickly comprehended by the reader. It is also an informal measure of how easy it is to distinguish one letter from another.


On the other hand, readability is how well a word combination is read within a larger body of text, like a paragraph on a book page.


Which leads to a potential signage rule of thumb: sans serif fonts tend to be better for legibility and serif fonts tend to be better for readability. Effective signage typically requires a legible font configuration.


Artistic Fonts


These definitions are important to keep in mind when your thinking is that your sign should be produced in an “artistic” font.


Consider this quotation: “letterforms composed of unique shapes, artistic deformations, excessive ornamentation or other novel design elements require the reader to process what they are looking at first instead of just taking in the message.”1


One situation which places even more emphasis on fast legibility is when the sign will typically be read from a moving vehicle. That situation makes legibility even more important.


Productive business signs must communicate quickly in a competitive environment. You may want to ask your self: which of these two options would you prefer – an “artistic” sign or a 25% foot traffic increase?


Legible Font Sample


What are some basic sans serif fonts which have high legibility qualities? Here are a few:


  • Arial
  • Calibri
  • Century Gothic
  • Verdana


Signage Communication Failure


Remember, according to Dr. James Kellaris (Gemini Chair of Signage and Visual Marketing at the University of Cincinnati) about 41% of the US population has “driven by and failed to find a business due to signage communication failure. Plus, consumers tend to make quality assumptions about a store based on having clear and attractive signage.”2


The word clear is important here. If the font is not clear, what might that suggest about your customer’s business? Font legibility is one key to signage clarity.


Another of Dr. Kellaris’ studies listed a brief set of common reasons why people find signage difficult to read. One listed reason was “the letters use a fancy font.”3


On the other hand, your customer can hardly lose with a high legibility sans serif font. These letters are easily readable and have ample illumination space. Combine that with an appropriate color configuration and you have a letter set that will generate excellent results.


Remember the objective for your sign: immediate comprehension. Not hesitation, not translation, not analysis. Quick and easy reader grasp of the sign message.


The Downside of Legible Fonts


What is the downside? Many sans serif fonts lack excitement. They don’t have the “flash” of some custom fonts. But when push comes to shove, you want foot traffic and higher revenues over pizzazz any day.


The point is this: decorative fonts have their place, but your business sign may not be one of them.




2  “Further Evidence from the BrandSpark/Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study: A Longitudinal Update and Extension.” Dr. James J. Kellaris, Ph.D. National Signage Research and Education Conference, October 10 – 11, 2012.


3 “Viewing Signs Through the Eyes of the Beholders: Perceptual Evidence from the American Grocery Shopper Survey.” Dr. James J. Kellaris, Ph.D. National Signage Research and Education Conference, October 9, 2014.   


*Provided with assistance from John Baylis, Direct Sign Wholesale.


Dimensional Letters


Dimensional letters have been an important component of the signage industry for more than 50 years. From its beginnings as a product made possible from the advancement of vacuum forming plastic to its current position of being a sign category offering a wide variety of options dimensional letters have provided a sense of class and dignity not available with other sign products.


Dimensional letters get their name from the fact that they have height, width, and depth and somewhere along the line the identification has been shortened from three- dimensional to just dimensional. These products are available today in injected molded plastic, laser cut acrylic, cast aluminum and bronze (banks, government buildings, and universities have long preferred cast metal for their classic look, deep dimension, and durability), water jet cut flat metal, and handcrafted fabricated stainless. In addition there are combination letters where a metal laminate for example, can be joined to an acrylic or foam substrate to create a very cost effective yet eye catching display. These combination letters are intended for interior use and are ideal for in-store and exhibit applications.


All of the dimensional letter products described are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Faro Designs can also provide custom logos and color matches. And we are very proud of the fact that our dimensional letter products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.


One of the most appealing features of our dimensional letters is their ability to meet the need of both interior and exterior requirements. On the inside dimensional letters are commonly found in the reception area and other areas of high visibility in business and professional settings where making an impactful visual impression is important. On the outside dimensional letters are often used as standalone signage or with other products to display the business name. With some products lighting can be incorporate into the letters to produce a beautiful halo look on the wall behind the letters.


In a nutshell, with their almost limitless number of options dimensional letters are often the perfect solution for those looking for signage that displays a powerful representation of their brand in a way that is creative and tasteful yet very durable as well. Your name, logo, and tag line can be displayed in a way that sends an attention getting message about your brand when using dimensional letter products.


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