Great Sign & Graphic Products in Downingham, PA
Great Sign & Graphic Products in Downingham, PA

Our Many Custom Design Services We Provide In Downingtown, PA and Throughout Chester County

Find out more about the quality of our style. Here you will find an overview of the services we provide.


In order to "brand" a company successfully there must be an understanding of what ideas, images, and information needs to be projected. In other words, what a company wants a potential client to associate with that company when the "brand" is viewed.


We take the concepts to the design phase with an acute eye on not only the aesthetics, but a keen awareness of exactly what a company wishes to have associated with their brand. The end result being the creation of a visual interpretation that is unique to only that company.


Upon completion and approval of the design the process of creating the specified images on a material substrate can begin. The images can be produced digitally, printed, carved,  sandblasted, engraved, silk screened, embroidered, or painted.


Although many of the products that we offer are able to be picked up upon completion, others require installation either in the ground, on the face of a building, on interior and exterior walls, windows, doors, vehicles, floors, etc. Whether it's simple lettering or a large exterior monument sign requiring lifts and cranes, we have the capability to install all of the graphics and signage that we produce.


Our specialty services at Faro include an on staff photographer and videographer. Our photo services range from product and promotional photography to event and architectural photography. Our videography services include shooting and editing products, events, training sessions, or just about anything that your company would like to see go viral.

Art Reproduction

Our specialty printing services include taking original works of art created by artists and photographers and reproducing them digitally to either be displayed in a gallery or for other use. We often help local artists prepare for a show by creating reprints of the originals for resale.

Large Format Printing

We print on a large format eco-solvent printer that produces photo quality graphics that are durable and, once laminated, weather and scrath resistant as well as highly resistant to fading. We print on a wide variety of materials both adhesive backed and non adhesive backed. Our specialty materials include metallics, canvas, polyester, printable wall paper, as well as archival photo paper and poster paper in variuous finishes. We also offer grand format printing allowing us to produce graphics for billboards, large banners, building wraps and murals.

Screen Printing

From business to fashion, recreational to competitive sports, screen printed apparel is widespread. We offer a full line of apparel from business formal to gym gear and everything in between. We also offer screen printing on a variety of promotional items as well as labels and small print.


We use this process most often for shirts, sweatshirts, coats, and hats. We utilize machine embroidery and offer a full line of apparel to be embroidered.


We can give your signage new life with our full range of restoration services. From polish to paint we restore all types of sings in a variety of methods depending on your needs.

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